Destabilising Critique: Personae in between self and enactment

This research master dissertation discusses the use of personae in performance as critique. My three case studies, Christoph Schlingensief’s Bitte liebt Österreich (2000), Renzo Martens’ Episode III: Enjoy Poverty (2008), and Banksy’s Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010), all feature one or more personae: ambiguous figures in between naturalness and modes of performing. They are … Continue reading

A view of the general operational problems within which the VU finds itself

This text is the result of a research I started in 2010 for a course lectured by Koos Bosma. I finalized it during a masterclass led by Wouter Davidts, Alan Smart and Femke Herregraven. The masterclass was called ‘After planning’, organised by VU University, Sandberg Institute and Virtueel Museum Zuidas. The present article was previously … Continue reading

Mutant Architecture. The complexity of utopia, makeability and continuity

Together with Rana Ghavami, I wrote an essay on the way the inherent utopian character of architecture was unmasked and turned inside out some time ago. The utopic makeability of functional design, still firmly anchored in architecture as a necessary inherent condition, was critically questioned by various ‘paper architects’ such as Superstudio during the late … Continue reading

Spuitbus op beton. Relaties tussen straatkunst en omgeving

Oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd in Kunstlicht, 31 (2010) 3/4, pp. 112-129 Voor de afbeeldingen geldt een strenge eigendomswetgeving, dus die zijn in deze vorm niet bijgesloten. Jesse van Winden Spuitbus op beton. Relaties tussen straatkunst en omgeving Graffititags op de gevels, elektriciteitskastjes vol stickers, gestencilde boodschappen, kleine kleurrijke mozaïekjes in de vorm van Space Invaders, posters met … Continue reading

Asger Jorn: Kunst als Natuur

Oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd in: Kunstlicht, 31 (2010) 1, pp. 50-57 Om redenen van copyright-technische aard ontbreken de afbeeldingen bij dit artikel. Asger Jorn: Kunst als Natuur Jesse van Winden In de herfst van 1939 reisde Asger Jorn van Silkeborg in Denemarken naar Parijs, om daar les te nemen aan de academie van Vassily Kandinsky. Tot Jorns … Continue reading

Bachelorthesis: Een blinde wending. De invloed van een experiment met blindtekenen op het werk van Cy Twombly.

In 2009, I wrote my BA thesis on Cy Twombly’s early work: A Blind Turn. The influence of an blind drawing experiment on Cy Twombly’s work. You can download it here: Een blinde wending (PDF, text in Dutch). Isn’t the title cute? Cy Twombly has stated that in 1953 and 1954 he had been drawing … Continue reading

The key role of the Dutch conceptual artists: The development of the Dutch Conceptual Art network within Europe and the relations with America

This is a research I carried out together with Francesca Lacroce last Winter. I copied the introduction below. The full article, including biographies of Jan Dibbets, Ger van Elk, Bas Jan Ader and Stanley Brouwn can be downloaded here: The key role of the Dutch conceptual artists Introduction To be a part of a network … Continue reading